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Thursday, July 30, 2009



it has been a while since I've updated my activity stream .....okay, i had a very wonderful n adventerous life during last 2 weeks, n actually, i hardly can't believe that i have had gone through such a fast week lately blip blap n phooff!!...huhu...
okay, let us list up some activity that i have done by last 2 week:

1. i've went to shah alam to meet my old collegue in uitm with pyan here are some of the pics:

on the way

on the way back(kembarea to hasif bawak:tengah risau die waktu tu..hehehe)

2. preparation for teachers day at faculty of education:

gile arh...prepare las minit sampai tgh malam...korang gempak!!

we've done this during afternoon(letih gile tgh2 hari buta panjat bende alah 2...yg wat peace 2 luke...yang berjaya panjat pyan n afiq..nota:pyan n afiq tiada dalam gamba..hoho)

this is the time when our dean visit our booth...she is nice..her daughter tooo..heheh

by da way during that day:
reza enters karaoke competition n sing harmoniously
luke also and he sing with full of spirits
me? i go for sajak n spit out DAMAI words with slang like jamal calling his brother in slumdog millionaire
joy, she have her own way presenting her sajak
farah became YUNA for a day
PYAN became the guitarist for the day
jenna, she sing like err maybe as smooth as silk..hoho
bobo he won himself 2nd place for public speaking
faizal the one n only first runner up winner in debate(correct me if am wrong)

3.became an actor for ukm corporate video...hahaha....last friday, me pyan,reza,hasif,luke,joy,ina,kak seri n some more TESLIANZ went for ukm corporate video filming site as an actor...haha...just acting as the pedestrian...i dont think dat our face can be seen from is very tiring day because we have to repeat same scene for almost 30 time at one least i hav managed to learn something dat are some of the pics:

barisan pelakon yg berkaliber

okay...da penat menulis...maybe i will continue n write the rest of my activity another time...chiaox....have a nice day :)


today is our 3rd class of COMPUTER EDUCATION and... as usual, Id really ENJOY this class...yeah it is fun...

so, i am required to mention bout my: is in really great condition-working as it suppose to) have had manage to do many things out of it n it is really fun!!)
3.facebook(it is heavt n full of update ^_^) communication(in prgress n moving on)
5.e-group(the members are growing in number!!)

so...overall all sort of thing are working as it is suppose to be...

Saturday, July 18, 2009



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18-jul-2009 7.42pm
Abis la duit...beli moto baru plak

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18-jul-2009 7.43pm
hah?? moto pa??

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18-jul-2009 7.46p
Yamaha Ego

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from that moment, some weird feeling suddenly were poured into my BENAK
kakaka...wah..what a surprise..after this, i can be so called as mat scoot lar at my
hometown..wakakaka..i bet my sister will eagerly ask my mother to grant h
er wish so that she can attend driving school in
a near time...

wah....everything seems to happen so fast without my appearance at home..maybe i shoul call this KEJADIAN as GELORA UKM...hah

the bike is expected to arrive at my house is blue in colour...i think this is da one ^_^

keGEMBIRAan memuncak

mesej misteri

pada 17 julai 2009 tepat pkul 2.00 petang, satu mesej yg penuh misteri masuk:

attn moto da anta pos

ya ka?

ha la...isnin nie sampai la..


hahaha...hooooyeeeeee...kenderaan perkasa kesayangan ku akan sampai!!! selonoknye.... dan dengan ini bas ukm yang menyusahkan hidup x kan perlu aku naiki lagi cerita sikit pasal bas UKM: 1.selalu belepas x on time 2.drebar asyik nak lepak ja 3.waktu sampai x tentu arah 4.kadar kekerapan, every half an hour( kelu nk cepat g kelas,bgn sejam awal) jadi....rumusanya, lepas nie, aku x ya da bgn sejam stengah awal dan skip breakfast aku hnya sbab nk tggu bas...

here is some of the picture of my current second wife:

the name is ysstwo110
people call Yamaha sstwo

lastly...i would like to thank both of my beloved parents who sacrifice a lot just to make my life easier here in UKM..sob2...i promise,this time i will not let both of you down...insyaAllah..


Friday, July 17, 2009

cerita=story=perjalanan cerita=story telling=??


for the very entah berape time, i felt bored again...malay word dia... BOSAN
this day should be a relaxing day for me where mat saleh will jemur2 until burn kulit dia, mkcik2 will go for shopping spree n couples go for dating2 lah...
BUT for reason, i've got stranded in my own room here in
universiti kaya MALAYSIA.

here is the list of my feeling ait now:

  1. bosan
  2. bosan
  3. boring
  4. jiwa kosong
  5. lampi
  6. nak bersosial(jgn pikir bukan2)
  7. perut keronchong
  8. nak bergumbira
  9. feeling down to the earth
so, from all of the above, there is only one solution that can fix it all.. all that i need is :

so, kawan 2 penting...kalu x..idup nie bosan.. -the end-

the news

today, on the 17th of july, i hav had opened my favourite site which is just to know that i will miss one of the most important and fun event which is:

here is some of the info:

Proton and is organising something pretty cool at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre this Saturday. If you love autocross-styling driving you really gotta check it out if you have time. Basically the event is called the Proton Satria Neo Unleashed with and they will be having a Satria Neo CPS Ride & Handling Challenge.
It’s basically time-attack challenge where you have to drive the Satria Neo CPS through a straight line and obstacle course. It’s pretty much the best way to test drive the Satria Neo CPS in case you’re considering buying one. Showroom test drives won’t give you a course to try out the car’s handling so this is your chance! You can choose either a manual or automatic Neo CPS, and whoever clocks the fastest time will win the prizes! There’s some pretty good money up for grabs.
1st place - RM3,000
2nd place - RM2,000
3rd place - RM1,000
Consolation 4th to 10th - RM200 each Read more:

and one must have a driving license to enter the competition...

if not because of my koke activity, maybe i will be the first one to arrive there, having fun drifting with my dream machine :) kind of lah..

the monster of P1,one of the finest, ayah,can you buy for me this one??heheh

Thursday, July 16, 2009

a bright new day


thanks to alfian,reza,hasif,luke,joy for being my best friends around, here in UKM

today is the day i first attend my computer class here in lecturer is kind of nice actually..heheh..seriously nice....
first thing first:
1.i can't believe that i actually create my own blog!!
2.having a classmate which is super duper cool!!

this is where the journey of a new blogger begins

by the way... please add my other social is good to be friends right??