kisah hidup ku azrie

Saturday, March 6, 2010



i am suffering..
from an internal bleeding..
that is hard to shake..
bitter to swallow or ate..

i've lost three..
in the most tragic week..
is it lost that i mean
or just my mean imagination..

im lost with my own..
from my internal shouting for own..
could it be an ocean with a thunder roar..
or just the chaotic misery of star..

i am lying with a guts of no..
hopping with an answer of mystery..
the result..
remain a suffer from me..

it is just three..
three things..

Sunday, February 14, 2010


here is one of my latest video that i would like to is about my life in ukm..comment if you like..cheers!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


it has been a while since the last time I've updated my blog this my latest job of photography.. well actually.. among of it..we'll see if i have time to upload some more..till then.. enjoy!!



Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear Ummi, i have also done my SPSS project together with Luke, Joy and Reza. Thanks friend for sharing informations.

Here are the picture of the work done:

this is the link to download the work:


And so, I have victoriously done my assignment UMMI.
after all of the headache, Alhamdullilah I have managed to complete my asiggnment.

Here is the picture of the report:

the forms

the query table

here is the link to download the excess file: (name of the file: kelas happy hohe)

Thank you and wish me luck for my upcoming exams!! dada!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

meaning of frensyiep

haha..malas nk cakap byk....nak letak gamba bnyak2, it's been a while since the last time i've updated my blog....i do really miss to express ma feelin very much...owh my writing will be a lot related to my birthday n ma fren which i love so much...

in my everyday life...fren are my sources of pulse, the kinetic energy which provide me with enormous power to live, they are just like miracle to me and...thanks to PYAN,REZA,HASIF,LUKE,FARAH,JOY N INA the have had even made my life far more lively n meaningful...

thanks for the birthday presents
thanks for the laughter
thanks for being the one who care
thanks for being the one who always by side of me
thanks for being my evil fren(heheh)
thanks for being my good fren
thanks for the flour
thanks for the surprise
thanks for the celebration
thanks for the song
thanks for the memory
u are true to be u are sincere to be u are the best to be...thanks for being ma fren and i hope it will lasts forever... ^_^

my birthday pizza!!yang sorang ajk kewangan...sorang ajk pengangkutan sorang lagi ajk pelaksana....
KU dipaksa makan oleh dewi2 dari kayangan
pyan kebuloq buboq reza bubohkan(ps:mereka lesbo)
pyan kelapaq ayaq plak...luke kolomkan...hahah
idea mereka memang agak evil...membaling tepung ke arah aku dikhayalak ramai bersebelahan dengan sopin kompleks...memang terbaik...besday boy n girl akan datang...beware...the revenge of KU is on da way....

oke..dah..penat bercerita...nnt kita sambung lagi...hoho...sayang kamu semua...chiaox..